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In our latest update Boomr has added the ability to add shift data to multiple days at once. Keep reading to learn how.

**Please note that this feature is currently only available for adding shifts on the Boomr website. Your admin will need to set permissions to allow web dashboard access to employees and to allow employees to track time manually in order to use this feature.

Adding a manual shift

To add a shift manually on the Boomr website, click on the Timesheets tab at the top of the screen.

Now click on the ‘Add time for Completed Shift’ button. This can be found in the action bar.


This will open a shift details window. In this window you can set your start and end time, set the date of your primary shift, and add a break or breaks to your shift.


After adding this information you now have two options. You can save this shift to your timesheet by clicking on ‘Save’. This will add one shift on the date specified.

Adding a Shift to Multiple Days

You can now also select ‘Copy this shift to additional days’. This will open a calendar picker. On this picker you can select additional days to copy these shift details. For any days selected, the start time, end time, and any break times will be copied from the primary shift date to the additional dates.


Once you’ve chosen the dates you’d like to copy the primary shift to, just hit ‘Save’. Shifts will automatically be added to each of the selected days.


You can now click on any shift in your timesheet to add additional information to that shift. You can add Notes, or projects to any shift. Doing so will add them only to the selected shift. Notes and projects cannot be added to multiple shifts at once.


Editing a Shift

If you have permission from your employer, you can also edit a shift that was added as recurring shift, but those edits will only apply to the individual shift you select.


For example, if I copied my shift from Monday to Tuesday-Friday, the start time, end time, and break times would be copied to those dates. I could then add Notes or projects to any of those shifts by clicking on its row in the time sheet. If I have permission, I could also edit any one of those entries by clicking on its row and changing its details. Those Notes, projects and edits would only apply to the selected shift and not the other copied shifts.

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