Use Boomr to submit requests for time off directly from the mobile app or web dashboard. Once approved, all time off requests will show up on your timesheet alongside work shifts.

To start using the Time Off feature, your account administrator must configure your account settings to allow for time off requests to be submitted. You will not be able to submit time off requests until your account administrator has set this up.

From the mobile app, tap the menu icon in the top left corner. In the menu, you'll see an option for Time Off. Tap this to view and submit time off requests.


From the Time Off screen you can submit a new request by tapping the "Add Time Off Request" button at the top of the page.


When adding a new request, you'll be prompted to select which date you will be taking time off, how many hours of time off you're requesting, the type of time off request (i.e. the Time Off Code) and any notes you wish to include in your request. The Time Off codes available to you are set up by your account administrator. Common codes you might see are "Vacation" and "Sick Leave".


All requests you submit will need to be approved by a manager or account administrator. The status of all requests will be "Unapproved" until the request is approved. Managers may also delete a request, if this happens you will no longer see the request in your app. You can see the status of all requests on the Time Off screen.


When a request has been approved it will automatically show up on the Timesheets screen of your app. A green icon indicating that the entry is an approved time off request will also be present. Approved time off requests are included in the hours and dollar total of your Timesheet screen and these hours will be included on your company's payroll reports for payment purposes.


If you are a manager or admin user that would like to learn more about setting up Time Off Categories for your account, check out this support article.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and welcome your feedback! We're constantly working to improve Boomr and invite you to share your thoughts by emailing our Customer Experience team at

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