As an employee, you can edit or delete your own shifts in Boomr, if you have permission and if those shifts are still in a pending state (haven't been approved yet for payroll). Your account administrator can approve shifts at any time, so if you do not see the option to edit or delete, please check with your admin that you have permission to edit and that the shift you wish to edit is still in a pending state.

When you open the Boomr app, you’ll find the Timesheets screen. From here, you can view all of your time entries. You can view additional details for any entry by tapping on the day of that entry.


If you have multiple entries for a day, the Timesheets screen will read “Multiple Shifts”. Tapping on that day will bring up a list of shifts entered.


To view more detail for a shift, and to edit that entry, tap on the shift you wish to view or edit. This opens the ‘Shift Details’ view. Here you can see the shift duration, shift timeline, project information, and send, read, or reply to Notes.


If you have permission to edit shifts and the shift you are viewing has not already been approved, you’ll see a green ‘Edit Shift’ button at the bottom of this screen. To make an edit, tap on this button.


From here, you can edit any of the details of the shift. You can change its location, the shift start/end time and date. You can also edit break and project information. Once you’ve made any changes, be sure to hit Save in the top right corner.


If you scroll to the bottom of the Edit Shift screen, you’ll see an option to delete the shift. Tap on that and then confirm to delete the selected shift. Please note that it is not possible for you to recover a deleted shift, but your admin or supervisor can recover it for you.


If you open the Shift Details window and do not see an ‘Edit Shift’ button, you either don’t have permission to edit your shifts, or this shift has already been approved. If you believe this is in error, please contact your admin or supervisor.

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