If you are paid for each visit worked then you are classified as a Pay Per Visit employee. When being compensated per visit, there are two different ways you can be paid: 1) a Fixed Amount for the visit or 2) Hourly, based on time worked.

Fixed Amount

Fixed Amount means that you will be paid the same amount, regardless of how much time you track in Boomr for the visit. An example of this could be an Evaluation visit paid at a fixed amount of $100. So whether you spend 30 minutes or 2 hours doing the visit, you will still be compensated $100 (though your employer will likely want you to still track your time in Boomr). Fixed Amounts are determined by your employer, and rates are uniquely assigned to each employee.


Hourly means that your pay for that visit will be calculated based on the duration of time you track in Boomr. The hourly rates are assigned for each visit type by your employer. After your visit ends, you will see a summary of your total visit duration and a payment amount, which is automatically determined by multiplying your duration by your hourly rate for that type of visit.

You can always know whether you are working a Fixed Amount or Hourly visit by looking next to the visit description on the Select Visit Code screen (this is the first page that pops up after you click the green "Track Time" button). This designation will be shown in parentheses next to the visit.

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