Boomr makes it easy to log time for each patient visit you do throughout the work day. Whether you are scheduled to service one patient, or several, you can track time for each individual visit using our mobile app. Our app tracks every visit type, all you need to do is select what type of visit you are doing when you arrive at a patient's home or care center.

Once you've arrived at the patient's place of residence, open the Boomr app and tap the green "Track Time" button at the bottom of the screen.


You'll be prompted to select which type of visit you are making. Visits are grouped by Visits and Non-visits. Typically, Visits are categorized as work that will be billed by your agency related to patient care, while Non-visits may be additional tasks such as lab/goods delivery, time spent in the office or work related to mandatory training. Tap the appropriate Visit or Non-visit code based on the type of work you are doing.


Note that each visit code also specifies whether or not the Visit/Non-visit is reimbursed on an Hourly or Fixed Amount basis. This designation will be shown in parentheses next to the visit. Fixed Amount means that you will be paid the same amount, regardless of how much time you track in Boomr for the visit. Hourly means that your pay for that Visit/Non-visit will be calculated based on the duration of time you track in Boomr.


After selecting the appropriate Visit Code, you'll then be asked which patient or work location you'd like to attribute the work to. Most commonly, this means selecting the name of the patient that you are servicing. In the case of non-visits, this could mean selecting the office location. After you select a patient/location, you'll then be prompted to either start a timer for your work or add a shift.


Select the "Check in to a new visit" option to start a timer for your visit. The app will automatically monitor the time you've spent working and run in the background. Once you're checked in for the visit, you can also log breaks, add expenses or notes (even upload photos) and clock out at the end of your visit.


You can also select the "Add visit for completed work" option. This will let you submit a visit for work that has been done previously. This option is best used if you forgot to log time for previously worked visits. You'll also be able to notate break time or expenses that were logged here as well.


All visit data, both visits tracked in real-time and manually submitted visits, will automatically be sent to your employer for review and approval. You'll never have to submit a paper timesheet again, and always have a record of all visits worked on the Timesheets screen of your app.

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