If your employer is using our Boomr for Healthcare product and you normally get paid per visit, it is likely that your account has been configured to allow you to check in to different types of visits throughout your work day.

If you're not sure whether you are set up as a Per Visit or Hourly employee, there's a simple way to check. Just open the Boomr mobile app and click on the menu (the three horizontal lines in the top left corner).


Below your name, if you see the words Pay Per Visit, then your account is set up to be a per visit pay type. If you see a dollar amount below your name, for example $45.00, then you are set up as an hourly pay type and that is your default hourly rate.

If you are per visit employee, your pay will automatically be calculated when you select a Visit Code at the start of each visit. Depending on whether you are paid a fixed amount for each visit or an hourly amount, Boomr will automatically track your pay based on the compensation rules that your employer has set up for you.

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