If you received an Invite Code this means that someone from the company you work for has asked you to use Boomr to track your time at work. You should have received an Invite Code by email and/or text message.

Your Invite Code is very important to joining the correct account, so don't lose it! To get started with your Invite Code, simply download the Boomr mobile app, which is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Once you have the app, click "New to Boomr?". Then click "Enter Invite" code. You'll be asked to verify your information and create a password for you account.


That's it! You should now use Boomr to track the time you spend at work, these hours will automatically be sent to your employer for payroll and you'll be paid accurately and on time. Plus, you'll never have to use a paper timesheet again!

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