Depending on how your company's settings are configured, you may have two options available to you when you tap the green 'Track Time' button in the mobile app. After you select the location you are logging time at, you will be prompted with two options:

Below is a description of what each of these options allows you to do.

1) Check in to a new shift

Selecting this option will start a timer for a new shift and allow you to track your hours in real-time. From here, you'll be able to log breaks, add projects to the shift and use our Live Notes messaging tools to communicate with your manager and team members. This is how most Boomr users track their time at work.


2) Add shift for completed work (Manual Shift)

Selecting this option will allow you to add a shift that you may have forgotten to log previously. For example, if you forgot to bring your phone or table to work yesterday and were unable to check in when you arrived, you can use this feature to add that shift retroactively. This is also helpful if you need to add time for a bunch of smaller shifts or for hours that were worked outside of your normal schedule.


All shifts that are added in this manner will have a blue 'M' (for "Manual") icon next to them both in the app and the management dashboard, so your manager and team members will be able to determine which shifts were added manually (versus tracked in real-time).

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