You can now communicate with your manager and other team members while you are checked in to a shift with Boomr's Live Notes feature! You can also use Live Notes to attach photos to your shift. Live Notes is only available to customers on our Business Tier, so before you get started using this feature please check with your account administrator to ensure this service is enabled.

To start using Live Notes, check in to a new shift. Once you are checked in, you will be directed to the Shift Details screen. Here, there will be a section titled "Notes" - tap on this to get started.

Once on the Notes screen, you'll be able to type a message. This message will be sent directly to the management dashboard so any managers associated with your company can read it and respond. You can also submit photos from this screen, to do this tap the camera icon on the left side of the screen.

When someone sends you a new note, you'll be notified by an alert within the app or if you are not currently using the app you will receive a push notification alerting you that there is an unread note. You can also see that you have unread notes when there is a red dot in the Notes row on the Shift Details screen.

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