Boomr and Personio have partnered to bring our customers a new full-service software integration. Now, all employee time that is tracked in Boomr can be synced directly to Personio's attendance records.

Below is a step by step guide to setting up the integration, as well as some helpful information about how Boomr and Personio work together once connected.

Let's get started!

1) Sign In to your Boomr management dashboard and select "Integrations" from the main menu at the top of the screen.

2) Go to the Personio listing and click the green "Connect" button to start the integration.

3) A pop up will open and you will be prompted to enter your Personio "Client ID" and "Client Secret". After you enter this information, click Connect.

To get this information, you'll need to sign in to your Personio account and go to Settings > API. From this page click the "Generate new credentials" link to be issued a Client ID and Client Secret. If you do not have a Personio account, you will need to set one up.

4) After you connect your Personio account to Boomr, the initial data sync will start and employee records will be pulled into Boomr. From this point forward, you can manage this integration from the "Integrations" tab at the top of the page by selecting "Personio" from the dropdown menu.

5) Click the "Settings" section on the left side menu. Here you will find that a list of Employees has been pulled directly from your Personio account. If you have previously been using Boomr, match the employees from Personio to the correct employee name in Boomr. This ensures that hours tracked in Boomr are sent to the correct employee's attendance record in Personio. Be sure to click the "Save Employees" button when you are done matching employees.

6) If an employee from your Personio account has not been set up in Boomr and you would like to add them, select "Add This Employee". Leave the drop down set to "Ignore" for any employees that you do not want to add to Boomr. When you have finished matching and adding employees, click the blue "Save Employees" button.

You're all set!

Now, that you have successfully connected the integration, you can send hours that have been tracked and approved in Boomr directly to Personio for payroll.

To do this, go to the "Integrations" tab in the main menu, click on "Personio" from the dropdown menu and then select the "Timesheets" option on the left side of the page. From here, you can run a report for any date range that you would like to send to Personio.

PLEASE NOTE: Only shifts that have been approved will show up in this report and be sent to Personio! Make sure you and/or your managers are continuing to approve shifts as they normally would on the Manage Shifts page.

When looking at a Personio Timesheet repot, you will see a breakdown of regular, overtime and double time hours for the given time period. Overtime and double time hours are determined by your overtime preferences, which can be configured in Office Settings.

To send hours to Personio, click the "Send to Personio" button in the row of the report you want to send. Reports do not update dynamically, so if additional shifts are edited, added or approved after you've already sent a report to Personio then you will need to run a new report in Boomr and send that.

Boomr automatically assigns an ID to all shifts that are sent to Personio, so sending a new report with additional shifts or with changes to existing shifts will not cause a duplication in Personio. Instead, all shifts in Personio will be updated to reflect the most current record sent from Boomr.

All sent Timesheets will show up in your Personio account for each individual employee. To access these, go to an Employee's profile in Personio and click on the "Attendance" tab to view all hours that were sent from Boomr. All hours that are sourced from Boomr will show "Time tracked in Boomr" in the Comment column.

If you need help setting up this integration or getting your Boomr account configured, please reach out to us at or call us at +44-20-3966-8797 (UK/Europe) or +1-877-687-6228 (USA).

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