After you've added visit codes to your account, you'll be able to assign specific rates for each type of visit to each employee that you compensate on a Pay Per Visit basis. To assign rates, click on the "Manage" tab at the top of the screen and select "Employees" from the dropdown menu. From here, you can see which employees are Pay Per Visit by viewing the Pay Type column.


You can always change an employee to a Pay Per Visit classification by clicking on the employee's name and selecting the "Per Visit" option.


You can also make new employees Pay Per Visit. After clicking the Add New Employee button and filling out the new employee form, set the Pay Type to "Per Visit". Note that when you add an employee as Per Visit, you'll need to go back into their profile and actually assign them rates for each applicable visit code.


Now that you've assigned the Per Visit pay type to all the appropriate employees, you'll need to assign them rates based on the compensation for each employee. Most employees are paid at different rates, even if they perform the same types of visits, and factors that determine rate are often availability, experience level, performance, tenure and more. To assign rates for a Per Visit employee, simply click on their name. Once the employee profile opens click the blue "Set pay rates" link. If you have already set rates for an employee, this link will say "View pay rates".


A new popup box will load, showing you all potential visit codes that you can assign to this employee. Note that these are pulled directly from the Visit Codes page that we walked through above. Go through each visit type, and enter a rate for Fixed Amount and Hourly visits that this employee will perform. After you've entered all the necessary rates click the Save button in the bottom right corner.


Do this for each of your Pay Per Visit employees. After you've set rates for all your team members, Boomr will automatically determine whether or not they are checking into a visit that is paid at a Fixed Amount or Hourly rate and prepare the timesheet reports accordingly.

You can go back to edit rates for your employees at any time, these changes will not impact previously submitted and approved work.

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