Boomr’s Summary Dashboard gives you access to your organization's most important information at a glance.

At the top of the Summary Dashboard is a welcome message and a reminder of any pending shifts awaiting approval in your account. You can click on the link embedded here to be automatically redirected to your shift approvals page. All shifts submitted by employees in Boomr are pending shifts and will need to be approved by a manager or admin before they can be submitted for payroll.

Overtime Watch

The first widget is called ‘Overtime Watch’ and shows you which of your employees may be approaching or in overtime based on the overtime rules you set for your account.


Overtime Watch is broken out into three different columns:

1) The first column will list the names of any employees who are currently in, or are approaching, overtime. A green dot next to the employee’s name indicates that the employee is currently checked in to a shift.

2) The second column provides a status for the employee. There are three options here:

  • if an employee is checked in and currently accruing overtime pay, you’ll read “Currently tracking….of overtime”
  • if is not yet earning overtime for the current shift, but is approaching overtime, you’ll read “Approaching overtime in…”
  • and if an employee has already earned overtime but is not currently checked in to a shift, you’ll read “Not checked in”.

3) The third column provides an up-to-the-minute total of overtime already accrued by your employees for the current work week.


To the right of the summary dashboard you’ll find important information about your account. This could include a reminder that payroll is due soon, or an important announcement from Boomr HQ.

Daily Hours Worked Summary

At the bottom of the summary dashboard are two lists. The list on the left represents all shifts that have been tracked for the current day and the list on the right shows a snapshot of how many hours were worked for any previous day. This way you can compare today’s labor totals to yesterday’s or last week’s. Simply click on the arrows to the left or right of the date to move through previous days.

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