You’ve just signed your company up for Boomr, now what? The first step to implementing Boomr in your organization is to add your employees. And fortunately, we’ve made it incredibly easy to do this. Let’s get started!

First, Sign In to your web-based management dashboard. Then, click the "Manage" tab at the top of the screen and select "Employees" from the dropdown menu.


From this page you can add new employees. Plus, you’ll always be able to return to this page to edit, deactivate or delete employees.

To add a new employee, simply click the Add New Employee button.


You’ll then be prompted to add some basic information about your employee.


Here’s a breakdown of what we ask for:

  • First and Last Name - we're pretty sure you know this!
  • Email Address - we recommend using an email address that your employee checks often, such as a work email
  • Phone Number - we recommend that you add the employee’s cell phone number because we will send a text message to this number with their personal invite code and a link to download our mobile app
  • Role - if your employee is just using Boomr to track time, select Employee. If they will be approving shifts from other employees, select Manager. If you want this user to have access to your account info and payroll reports, select Admin.
  • Manager - decide who will approve time that is submitted by this employee (if you're just getting started, you can keep your own name selected here)
  • Pay Type - set whether the employee is paid Hourly based on hours worked (most common in Boomr) or if they are paid a fixed amount each pay period, select Salary
  • Pay Rate - if the employee is paid hourly, enter how much do you pay them per hour
  • Onboarding - we recommend you keep this option set to “Invite this employee and let them set their password and PIN”. This means that after you click save, we’ll send the employee a text message and email with instructions on how to Sign In to their account and start tracking time

And here's what the whole process looks like:


Just click “Save” and you’re all set! We’ll reach out to each of your employees individually to walk them through how to download our mobile app and start using it to track their time at work. Once they start using Boomr, you’ll see their shifts show up in real-time in your dashboard!

To get the most out of Boomr, we recommend that you add all employees who would normally submit timesheets for payroll. Do you have a lot of employees and need help entering them into Boomr? Let us help! Reach out to and someone from our team will be in touch to assist you with employee onboarding.

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