Only shifts that have been marked "Approved" will show up on payroll and billing reports. To approve shifts, go to the "Shifts" tab in the management dashboard. Check off the shifts that are ready to be approved and then select the blue "Approve Shifts" button in the action bar. After you approve shifts, they will automatically show up on your reports for timesheets, payroll and billing.

If your account is set to have a Manager or Admin role, you can also approve shifts directly from the mobile app. To do this, go to the main menu and tap on Manage Shifts. From the Manage Shifts screen in the app you will be able to review and edit shifts prior to approving them.

You can also "Approve" and "Unapprove" shifts from this screen. To approve multiple shifts simultaneously, tap "Select" in the top right corner. This will then allow you to choose which shifts you would like to mark approved (or unapproved).

To summarize, only approved shifts will be eligible to show up on reports. Now that we've walked through how to approve shifts, let's review the reports that can be ran from your management dashboard. From the main menu, select the Reports tab.


The default report that loads is Timesheets. This report will show you a list of all employees and how many shifts and hours they have tracked for a given work week. The work week is preset and based on your Company Preferences. You can also sort Timesheets by work locations, and view how many shifts and hours were tracked for each location in a given work week.

Going down the left-side menu, the next report is Projects. More information about Project tracking and reporting is available here.

Payroll Reports

Next is Payroll, which is the most commonly used report in Boomr. Payroll reports allow you to search for all shifts that fall within a set date range. To run a payroll report input the "From" and "To" date of your intended date range and click "Run Report". A new row will appear in the table along with a summary of the total hours for shifts in this date range and the total amount, which is based off of the pay rates for all employees that have worked shifts throughout this period.

Clicking into the report will also give you a detailed breakdown of which employees have logged shifts in this date range and also a list of all shifts that have worked. As a reminder, only shifts that have been approved will show up on this report.

You can export Payroll reports by clicking the green download arrow icon. All reports save in .CSV format and can be seamlessly exported into your preferred payroll or accounting system for processing.

Boomr also allows for payroll hours to be sent directly into a variety of industry-leading software solutions, to learn more about these features check out our Integrations support page.

Invoices (Billing) Reports

Our Invoice reports function very similar to Payroll, the main difference being that time is showed by Location and not by Employee. This allows you see how many shifts and hours are being tracked at individual locations over a specified period of time. You can then download these reports to send as invoices to customers or upload this data into your preferred accounting system.

For accounts that use Boomr to produce invoices, we recommend configuring your locations to match your customers. Meaning, if you bill Customer A for time worked, then add only one location for that customer, call it Location A, and then direct employees to track all hours for Customer A at Location A.

Need more assistance with reports? No problem, reach our to our helpful Customer Experience team by emailing us at and someone will be in touch to help you.

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