By default, a new account has it's time zone set to Pacific Standard Time (PST). To change the time zone for your account sign in to your management dashboard, click your name in the top right corner, and select "Account".

Then select the Offices tab from the left-side menu.

On the Offices page, you'll see the default Office you added when your account was created. Click on this office to open up Office Preferences.

Use the dropdown menus on the screen to make changes to your time zone, overtime preferences and/or start of workweek day. After the correct time zone has been selected, click Save. All employees assigned to this office will automatically track work hours in the time zone associated with their office.

By default, all your employees are assigned to the first office that was added to your account. You can add new offices by clicking the Add New Office button on the Offices page. To learn more about our Offices feature, check out this helpful support article.

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