In this lesson, we'll learn how to edit and view time sheets, both in the mobile app and on the Boomr website.

Mobile App

To view time sheets on the mobile app, simply swipe from left to right on the app screen. This will take you to the previous work week. You can navigate to additional work weeks by swiping in either direction.

To edit a shift in the mobile app, first find the shift you wish to edit and tap on that shift. This will bring up the shift details. At the bottom you'll see a bright, green button that reads "Edit Shift". Tap on it

If you do not see this button, one of two things is true. First, you may not have permission to edit shifts. If this is the case, please contact your account administrator. Second, the shift you wish to edit has already been approved. If this is the case, your manager or supervisor can either edit the shift for you, or unapprove it so you can edit it yourself.

After you tap on the 'Edit Shift' button, you can tap on any of the fields on the edit screen to edit the details. You can edit the location, the start and end times (and dates), breaks and projects. You can also delete the shift entirely by click on delete at the bottom of the screen. Once you've made the necessary edits, tap 'Save' in the top right corner of the screen.

Boomr Website

To view timesheets on the Boomr website, click on the Timesheets tab. By default you'll be shown the current work week. You can use the drop down to show work weeks up to 90 days in the past. If you'd like to see dates further in the past, or more than one week at a time, click on the 'Custom date range' link. Enter the dates you'd like to view and then click 'Run Report'.

To edit shifts on the Boomr website, first navigate to the Timesheets tab. Then click on the shift you'd like to edit. Note that if the shift is greyed out and no longer in bold, it has already been approved and cannot be edited. As before, it can be edited by your manager or unapproved for you to edit yourself.

Once you've clicked on the shift you'd like to edit, the shift details window will appear. In this window you can edit the location, date, start and end time, break time and project information for your shift. If these fields are not editable, one of two things is true. First, you do not have permission to edit your own time entries. Second, you are attempting to edit a shift that has already been approved.

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