What are locations in Boomr?

Locations in Boomr can be thought of in several ways. Primarily, locations are anywhere employees go to do work. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Multiple physical locations (retail, restaurant, etc.)

  • Multiple job sites (construction, service providers, etc.)

  • Offices

  • Clients (track time to clients for billing/accounting regardless of physical location)

Setting a Billable Rate

If you’d like, Boomr can track all hours spent at a given location and assign a billable rate to those hours. This rate is different than the hourly rate of pay for any employees, and most often represents a rate that would be billed to a client for services rendered at a location. Each location can only have one billable rate.

To set a billable rate for a location, scroll to the bottom of the ‘Add New Location’ window for a new location or the ‘Location details’ window for an existing location. Under the ‘Billable’ section you’ll find a question - ‘Are you billing at this location?’. Set this to ‘yes’. Once you do, a text box will appear. Enter a dollar amount and click ‘Save’.

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