Guide: How to use Boomr's premium features (Business Tier)

Guide: How to use Boomr's premium features (Business Tier)

Boomr's Business Tier is essential for companies who want to implement the very best time management tools available. Below we'll walk through how to use various features that are available for Business Tier customers.


Project Tracking

After employees check in, they can add projects to their shift and then track how much time they are spending on those projects. Employees can choose from a list of projects that have been assigned to them, or they can add new projects directly from the app. To add projects for employees to work on, go to the Projects page in the management dashboard and select Add New Project.



To add a new project simply enter a Project Name, Project Description and Job Code (Optional).



You can also toggle over to the Employees tab to determine which employees you would like to assign the project to. By default, new projects will be assigned to all employees.



Now that you have added and assigned projects to your account, you can view how much time employees have spent working on projects. There are two ways to do this: 1) On a per shift basis, under the Shift Details section, or 2) By going to the Reports tab and running a Projects report. Examples of both of these are below. 




Knowing what projects employees are working on through the duration of their shift can be a great indicator of productivity. Tracking this data also allows you to identify critical trends from shift to shift and keep your projects on time and within budget. Project tracking can also help cultivate an organizational environment of transparency and collaboration.


Live Notes™ - Real-time employee communication

 Our Live Notes technology allows your employees to stay connected in real-time via chat. After checking in for a shift, employees can use this feature in the mobile app to take notes, upload photos or correspond with team members and managers. To get started, we will walk through how employees access Notes from the mobile app. 

After checking in for a shift, the employee will see an option to access Notes at the top of the Shift Details screen.



Selecting this will take them to the Notes page and automatically launch the chat feature. Just like sending a text or instant message, the employee can then write a message or upload a photo. This information is automatically attached to the shift that they are actively working in.



The messages that are written in Notes can be viewed by all managers who have access to this employee's shift. They can also respond with further correspondence directly from the management dashboard. To access Notes for any shift, click on an Open Shift in the dashboard.



From here, tab over to Notes. Here you will see all correspondence from the employee for this particular shift. You can also respond with your own messages, which will then be logged and attached to the shift. 



When looking at shifts from the management dashboard, the circular green icon represents that new notes have been added to a particular shift and should serve as an indicator that there is communication coming from the employee while they are checked in.



Live Notes is a great way for employees, managers and team members to share information about what is happening while they are checked in for work. And because all notes data is automatically tied to the shift in which the correspondence occurred, there is always a paper trail of what was discussed as it relates to the work that was being done. 


Live Notes is also a helpful tool for employees to take notes while they are on the clock to reference at a later point in time or simply to serve as a reminder for things to work on throughout a shift. 


Employee Groups - Manage users by team or department

 We've made it incredibly simple for you to segment your employees by team or department using our Groups feature. To configure Groups, click on your name in the top right corner of the management dashboard and go to the Account page. From here, use the left-side menu to go to Groups. 



From here, click the green "Add New Group" button to create your first group. When adding a group, you will need to name the group and then assign employees. You can also select the "All Employees" option if you want all users to be assigned to a group. To edit a group that you've already added, just click on the row for that particular group.



Grouping employees allows you to keep your account organized and is a great option for any business, big or small. You can also use Groups when you are assigning Projects to a large number of users or to a specific team or department.  


Want to learn more about our Business Tier features? Schedule a demo with one of our team members and we'll help layout a custom implementation guide to ensure that your business is getting the most out of our time tracking solution.