How does your pricing work?

How does your pricing work?

Boomr offers its customers both a Standard and a Business Tier. Our Standard plan includes all of our time tracking features and access to our integration partnerships. Our Business plan includes everything in the Standard plan plus some additional features that benefit larger and more complex organizations. Detailed information about our pricing and the features available in each tier is available on our Pricing page. 


Boomr makes it easy for our customers to grow with the product by only charging for currently active users. This pay-per-seat model keeps our billing plans simple and ensures that you only pay for the services you are actively using. 


To enroll in a Boomr subscription, select a pricing plan and then determine how many employees will be using your account. After you are subscribed, you can add or remove users as needed and we'll automatically update your subscription accordingly. You can also move between our plan tiers at any time, based on what features you require. 


Our subscriptions are billed on either a monthly or annual basis (with a 20% discount) and on each invoice you will be charged for all usage in the prior 30 day period. 


To manage your subscription, simply navigate to the Account page in your Management Dashboard and select Billing from the left side menu. Here is a screenshot of this page that you can reference: