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[Video] How does Boomr work? Watch this product demo!
Guide: How to use Boomr's premium features (Business Tier)
How to add employees to your account
Guide: Tracking time from a desktop computer or laptop (Web Dashboard)
[Video] Approving Shifts in the Management Dashboard
[Video] Mobile App Features for Managers and Admins

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Is there a web dashboard for employees?
How do I send tracked hours to Payroll and Billing?
How do I edit a shift after it has been submitted by an employee?
How do I edit an employee’s information?
The clock is inaccurate for my account, how do I fix this?
Can I add shifts manually on behalf of an employee? How do I do this?

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Setting up the BambooHR Integration
Setting up the Namely Integration
[Video] How to use the Namely Integration
[Video] How to use the BambooHR Integration
[Video] How to Setup Paid Time Off Policies in BambooHR
Setting up the Gusto Integration

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How does your pricing work?
How am I billed when new users are added to my account?
Why does my billing plan update automatically?
I am the owner of the account, why am I listed as an employee?

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I'd prefer to speak with a live person, do you offer phone support?

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International Currencies Now Supported
Introducing: Our new mobile app (December 2016)

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