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Guide: How to set up Break Rules for unpaid/paid breaks
[Video] How does Boomr work? Watch this product demo!
How to track and manage Time Off in Boomr
How to use the Boomr mobile app in Offline Mode
Guide: How to use our Offices feature, multiple time zones and overtime rules
Guide: How to set up Expense Tracking

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Important FAQs for Admins

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Boomr Locations
Approving Expenses and Running Expense Reports
How do I view employee timesheets?
How to use our Shift Audit feature
Guide: How to use the Summary Dashboard
How does the Timed Check Out feature work?

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Setting up the BambooHR Integration
How to use Slack with Boomr
Setting up the Personio Integration
Setting up the Justworks Integration
Setting up the FreshBooks Integration
Setting up the Namely Integration

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How does your pricing work?
Boomr Pricing - How Much Does Boomr Cost?
How do I upgrade to Business Tier?
How am I billed when new users are added to my account?
Why does my billing plan update automatically?
I am the owner of the account, why am I listed as an employee?

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Assigning pay rates to Pay Per Visit employees
What is Boomr for Healthcare?
How do I set up Visit Codes for my company?
I want to use Boomr for Healthcare, what do I do?

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I'd prefer to speak with a live person, do you offer phone support?

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International Currencies Supported
Introducing: Our new mobile app (December 2016)

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